Top-Quality Hardwood & Softwood Products

Trust the professionals of Kings Company to provide cost-effective solutions for all your lumber packaging needs. With sawmills and assembly plants located throughout the United States and Canada, we offer a great selection of hardwood and softwood products.

From blocks and wedges, to lumber and pallets, we are sure to have the solution that is right for you. Contact us to learn more about our Ragglesticks or Presswood pallets, which are only available through Kings Company.

We can serve your company at one location or all your locations on a corporate basis. This can save time and money with one company handling all of your packaging needs. We can also assist in standardizing your packaging to benefit both you and your customers. We have excellent insight into safe reliable packaging that will save you money on lumber and increase payload on deliveries.

Our Products Include:

• HeatTreated
• Non Heat Treat
• Presswood Pallets

• Base
• Separators

Blocks & Wedges

Special Assemblies

• Custom Items
• Cut-To-Length
• Banding Grooves Available

Plywood and OSB
• Full Sheets
• Cut-To-Size
• Gussets

Survey Stakes


Contact us for more about our softwood and hardwood products!